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SKU: 1229813 Blessing the Children 3x4

Blessing the Children 3x4
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  • SKU: 1229813 Blessing the Children 3x4

    Jorge Cocco

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Jesus blessing children in America as angels watch. 

JORGE COCCO SANTANGELO is a prolific artist born in Argentina. He also lived in Europe and Mexico for many years and now resides in the US. His award-winning paintings and sculptures have been exhibited and acquired around the world by museums, churches, governments and important private collectors. Cocco calls his new style of painting “sacrocubism” because of the sacred subject matter he paints and because he uses some elements of the art movement known as “cubism”. Cocco’s style appeals to the spiritual intellect by synthesizing objects to simple, geometric shapes allowing the observers to center their attention on the essential and most holy. Rather than painting with a photographic or journalistic mind, this abstraction allows Cocco to better express emotions, feelings, and the transcendence of the events depicted.