What Would A Holy Woman Do?

What Would A Holy Woman Do?

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by Wendy Watson Nelson

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What woman would describe herself as "holy"? And yet, the Lord has commanded us to "practice holiness ... continually." What is the meaning of holiness? How can we become a little more holy day by day? Is that even possible? Or is holiness just a lofty, impossible goal?

In considering these questions, bestselling author Wendy Watson Nelson offered a three-day experiment to several friends. For three days each woman chose one of her normal daily activities and asked herself "How would a holy woman do this?" For example, how would a holy woman handle a conflict, or avoid a conflict? How would she manage a lengthy to-do list? What would she do in difficult situations? And then each woman followed through on the answer. Their experiences are both eye-opening and encouraging as we begin to understand how gifts of the Spirit can help us become the women that the Lord needs us to be. This powerful message will inspire listeners to take their own three-day challenge and discover what the Lord is willing to teach each of us about becoming more holy.