Personal Revelation

Personal Revelation

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by Joann Hibbert Hamilton

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In this uplifting and readable book, Joann Hibbert Hamilton describes the many voices of the Spirit-from the subtle, uneasy feelings that we often brush away, to those thoughts and feelings that persist until we act upon them, to the unmistakable voice of warning and guidance. She also discusses how the Spirit communicates with us through bad feelings as well as good feelings, urgency and discomfort, or peace and even joy. Her examples of missed promptings are as educational as her stories of promptings heeded and their subsequent blessings.

Using true stories from her own life as well as from Church leaders and members, Sister Hamilton shows us clearly and simply how to learn to recognize the promptings in our own lives. Personal Revelation: How to Recognize Promptings of the Spirit is an excellent guide for Saints of all ages who seek to live more closely to the Spirit.