If I'm Forgiven Why Does My Past Still Bother Me?

If I'm Forgiven Why Does My Past Still Bother Me?

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by Brad Wilcox

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The Atonement allows us to repent and be forgiven, but sometimes past choices continue to haunt us. We need to remember that, while God doesn't condone sin, He knows that broken covenants can lead to broken hearts, which can lead us to Christ, the mender of all broken things. In this talk, Brother Wilcox explains how the advice to "forgive and forget" is good when dealing with other people's sins, but not with our own. As we're forgiven, Christ takes away the pain of sin but leaves the memory to ensure learning. With powerful examples from the scriptures and from personal experience, he demonstrates that our memories of forgiven sins, like dark lines in polished marble, can actually make us valuable and beautiful. His perspective brings peace to all who trust that God can forgive them but who have a difficult time forgiving themselves.