Shadows Of Brierly Vol. 1: The Wanderer (CD)

Shadows Of Brierly Vol. 1: The Wanderer (CD)

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by Anita Stansfield

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With a few of his remaining coins, Ian purchases a copy of the book from which he hears a "preacher" quoting, an act that somehow gives this troubled prodigal the courage to leave the dark alleyways London and begin the long journey home-home to his beloved Brierley and to the woman whose heart he hopes to win. Little does he realize the impact this book will have on him and his family as they struggle with the grim consequences of unrestrained compulsions and passions, and the seemingly insurmountable challenges of mental illness. As the threads that hold the tapestry of the MacBrier family together threaten to unravel, Ian realizes that . . . The Book of Mormon had been destined to come into his hands, and he was destined to follow where it led him. In The Wanderer, set in the lush highlands of nineteenth century Scotland, Anita Stansfield is at her storytelling best. Filled with past regrets and new beginnings, this volume is an extraordinary journey toward faith and peace-a sweeping emotional experience from start to finish.