Return: Four Phases Of Our Mortal Journey Home

Return: Four Phases Of Our Mortal Journey Home

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by Robert D. Hales

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While serving as a jet fi ghter pilot for the U.S. Air Force, Elder Robert D. Hales adopted the motto of his unit, "Return with Honor." Through his Apostolic calling, he's invited us to do the same. Applying this life motto to our mortal journey, Elder Hales shares keen insights gleaned from years of experience as a Church leader and business executive. As we travel life's path, we encounter four distinct stages: preparation, decision, serving, and enduring. Elder Hales considers each of these essential periods and makes his message clear-whatever your stage in life, keeping sacred covenants, prayerfully making life's important decisions, and embracing the Atonement can prepare you for eternal life. With never-before-shared stories, Elder Hales's first book is an inspired guide to your journey home.