That Ye May Prosper

That Ye May Prosper

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by Willard Stawski

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Sometimes we see in our own lives - and certainly throughout the scriptures - a cyclical nature to prosperity. As people are humbled by their circumstances, they become righteous and they begin to prosper. However, far too often, there comes a point when prosperity turns to pride, and it seems easy to forget how we got where we are and forget that the Lord was helping us all along the way. What we need, then, is a reminder -a reminder of our potential, a reminder of our need to rely on the Lord, a reminder of His love for us. In the pages of this thought-provoking book, you will come to understand more clearly the nature of life, as well as ways that you can draw closer to the Lord on a daily basis, and discover the meaningful lessons the Book of Mormon has to offer for your life - that ye may prosper.