Fourth Watch

Fourth Watch

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by S. Michael Wilcox

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Do you ever feel as though the Lord has turned a deaf ear to your pleas? That heaven looks on but will not take your part?

Drawing upon his years of experience as a teacher of the gospel, Michael Wilcox uses a dramatic New Testament story to explain why the Lord does not always immediately intervene to save us from life's perils and challenges. (It was not until "the fourth watch of the night," when Jesus' disciples had rowed their ship for many hours and were at the point of giving up, that he came to their rescue.)

In this insightful and inspiring talk, Brother Wilcox cites many similar examples from the scriptures, all of which demonstrate the Lord's unending love and confirm his willingness to bless us, not always as we might hope, but in a way and at a time that will always benefit us most.