Without A Flaw

Without A Flaw

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by Michele Bell

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On the surface, theirs is the perfect marriage. James Dalton is a handsome, successful attorney, while Isabelle is the beautiful, organized wife. Yet, she grows more fearful of her husband every day, and knows to survive she must leave him. But how can she escape from the domineering, violent man who has systematically robbed her of her past, her identity, and her self worth?

While James is away on an unexpected business trip Isabelle receives a letter from a long-lost relative, inviting her to come visit in England. Isabelle realizes that this is her chance to get away, and answer to her desperate prayers.

But even as she makes her new home in England, Isabelle lives in a lingering shadow of fear that James will always be after her, that he will never let her go.

Without a Flaw is the gripping story of one woman's courage to take back her life, to rediscover her faith in God, and to find peace, acceptance, and love.