It Takes Faith

It Takes Faith

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by Jack Christianson

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We all know that faith is the first principle of the gospel. Yet, how well do we use faith in our lives? Popular speaker Jack R. Christianson asks the question, "What have you done with faith today?" Using his trademark stories and inspiring insights Brother Christianson helps us all understand the importance and power of true faith.

"Sometimes," says Brother Christianson, "we forget what Moroni teaches us in the book of Ether: "You receive no witness, until after the trial of your faith." We live with a credit card mentality. We want to have the witness now, and then pay later. That's not how Heavenly Father works. You pay now and get later. And you have to realize one thing--Heavenly Father loves photo finishes. He doesn't wait for you to the hit the wall; he waits until you crash into it a few feet, or a few inches. Then, he delivers you. Why? Because if he delivers you before that, you will think it was you."

It Takes Faith is a powerful tool to remind us of the important role that faith should play in every aspect of our lives.