Pearls & Peril

Pearls & Peril

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by Lynn Gardner

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The action-packed romantic sequel to Emeralds and Espionage. Allison and Bart, married less than a week, return to their Hawaiian honeymoon suite to find the room ransacked. Thousands of miles from home, they're being followed. But why, and by whom? What dark secret do they hold that makes them prime targets for murder by a sinister madman bent on revenge? It's a heart-stopping game of cat-and-mouse, with Allison caught in a demonic web. How could she have guessed that on her honeymoon she would be abducted by a pair of thugs, fall into a volcano, find herself imprisoned on a remote island, and befriend a huge jungle cat? And that is only the beginning. Added to the intrigue and danger is.well, this matter of religion. Along their path of adventure, Bart and Allison have some tender brushes with Mormonism. They begin to see the gospel's impact on new friends and the power of prayer in their own lives--leading them to vow that if they get out of this mess alive, they'll look in to it further... If they get out alive. You'll be spellbound until the last word of this masterful novel. Mystery, danger, intrigue, romance--all this and much more!