He Lives 12x14 Strata Exclusive

He Lives 12x14 Strata Exclusive

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    He Lives 12x14 Strata Exclusive
    Perhaps the most awesome event in history was that glorious moment when the Son of God stepped from the tomb and broke the chains of death that held us all bound. In that instant, majestic and triumphant, the singular act of sacrifice and love on the part of the Son and the Father bore fruit and gave us all the gift of life. As the son rose upon that first Easter day, the world was never to be the same again. All things that had been created and were to be created would now live forever through this gift, unconditionally given. What sweet hope this gives us today, that we can all live again, and live eternally, if we will but submit our will to Him who descended below all things that He might rise above all things. "How sweet the joy this sentence gives, I know that my Redeemer lives." ~ Simon Dewey
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