From The Inside Out: Healthy Media Guidelines

From The Inside Out: Healthy Media Guidelines

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    From The Inside Out: Healthy Media Guidelines
    By Jill C. Manning
    In this practical and useful resource, Dr. Jill Manning discusses how families can create a media cultural awareness that is based on clear, discerning standards and values. Dr. Manning presents six principles that will help families learn to harness the benefits and blessings associated with modern media, while at the same time protecting themselves from the harmful effects of overindulgence and negative media. "Our ability to make good media choices and establish healthy media guidelines begins as we strive to become more aware of our media use; clarify the purpose of media in our lives; be wise in what we consume; develop our ability to discern and seek out the best; and be thoughtful about how much we take in, including when and where we do so," she explains. By taking our media use to a higher plane, we can take our lives, our homes, our families, and our communities to a higher plane as well.
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