Code Word (Instant Audio)

Code Word (Instant Audio)

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    Code Word (Instant Audio)
    By Traci Hunter Abramson
    The media portrayed the military operation as a complete success, but Navy SEAL Jay Wellman wouldn't describe it that way. He was there. As he tries to come to terms with his role that fateful night, he notices something different about his teammates and wonders if there may be more to their beliefs than he first thought.When she heard the gunshots, Carina Channing knew the past had caught up with her. She may have changed her last name, but she can't change who her father is. Carina understands the evil that lurks in "The Family," and she is determined to steer clear of that life and any other emotional connections.When they meet, it seems Jay and Carina have only two things in common-mutual attraction and the fact that they are both struggling to overcome devastating trauma. But when a member of The Family arrives and upsets the delicate balance in Carina's life, Jay chisels away at the barrier Carina has erected around her heart and offers himself as her protector and friend. But can Jay's Navy SEAL skills, military connections, and loyal Saint Squad friends keep Carina and her sisters safe? And with their different beliefs, can Jay and Carina's friendship grow into anything more?
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